B a n f f   C i n e m a

Banff Cinema is held usually once a month where we show a children's film 
at 5.30pm followed by an adult one at 7.30pm.
The cinema is held in the Trinity Building, River Church Banff. You can access tickets through both Strachan Pharmacy shops in Banff and Turriff.
What to expect.
The Cinema in Banff has been showing current blockbuster films since November 2013.
We work with a professional mobile film company in Edinburgh ‘Indy Cinema Scotland' and have proper cinema sound, a cinema size screen and a tuck shop selling popcorn, sweets and soft drinks all of which adds up to a fantastic experience for those attending.

All profits are charitable and we have given to many local causes and charitable organisations over the years, as well as investing in the Church which is also a charitable organisation.