The Word  

Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Rob McArthur
Have our plans been submitted to God ? Without Jesus in our plans they will fail. Pastor Rob asks us three great questions as we plan for what God has for us in 2020.
Joe Ewen
In today's message River Churches Network leader Pastor Joe Ewen shares the word of The Lord for 2020. He shares on some must do's in the bible, as the Lord is calling us to go deeper with Him. It’s time to be believing and relying on God’s word like never before. We are never at a dead end as we trust God is always a threshold to greater things.
Rob McArthur
In today's message Pastor Rob speaks from Daniel 3 where Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had to be very courageous to stand for their biblical beliefs. We are all called to "Insert Courage" into one another. Take time to listen to Pastor Rob as he unpacks the word for us.
Rob McArthur
In today's message, Pastor Rob shares about ways of people being salt and light, and having a radical impact on those around them.
Joe & Yvonne Ewen
During our series on Radical Jesus, Network Leaders Joe and Yvonne Ewen describe the difference in biblical hope verses secular hope and how that hope is linked with the birth of Jesus.
Rob McArthur
In week 3 of our series on Radical Jesus, Pastor Rob talks about The New Mind, The New Me. He encourages us to take our thoughts captive so that we can have freedom in every part our lives.