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Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Rob McArthur
In week 3 of our series on Radical Jesus, Pastor Rob talks about The New Mind, The New Me. He encourages us to take our thoughts captive so that we can have freedom in every part our lives.
Rob McArthur
In week two of Radical Jesus Pastor Rob speaks about The new you. He shared his testimony about how he came to Christ and how God is wanting us to hear from Him and obey His voice.
Rob McArthur
Pastor Rob kicks off a new series called 'Radical'. This week he shares about who we follow in 'Radical Jesus'. Jesus is radical in what He says and radical in what He does. Do you know radical Jesus?
Phil, Stephen + Rob
This week pastors Phil, Stephen and Rob speak about the Church Vision as they encourage us to Love God, Love Others and Change the World.
Rob McArthur
Today Pastor Rob concludes his 3 part series on what it means to be a River Reviver. What does it mean to be a River Reviver?... Listen to this encouraging message and find out!
John Strachan
Practical Martha or Spiritual Mary. Who was right? Mary's need Martha's and Martha's need Mary's. Getting the balance right is so important.