The Word  

Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Rob McArthur
In his message today, Rob teaches on the Holy Spirit. Who the Holy Spirit is but more importantly, on the role that the Spirit has to play in our lives today.
Philip Watt
This week Philip peaches on lifting your veil and showing the glory of God.
Rob McArthur
In today's message, Pastor Rob shares about the importance of staying in the presence of the Lord.
Pastor Rob McArthur
In today’s message, which continues the My Dad series, Pastor Rob encourages us to be hearers and doers of the word of God. We are called to respond to the Lord’s voice in what we do.
Philip Watt
In this week’s message Philip Watt continues the “My Dad” series and brings to us a message from Romans 8v1-17 about the Fathers love and things that keep us from His love. He also asks us the question can we call God our Daddy, and shows us through Paul’s letter that the only true way we can know God as our Father is if we believe in Jesus and are born again of the spirit.
Lead Pastor Rob McArthur
In today's message Lead Pastor Rob shares God's vision for River Church Banff. The invitation is for all of us to partner with God in this vision and fully step into what He has called us to. Love God | Love One Another | Change the World