The Word  

Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Rob McArthur
Today Pastor Rob shares out of Colossians 3 on how we as Christ followers should respond at this time.
Joe Ewen
Our network leader Joe Ewen shares out of Joshua, having released and celebrated the life of one of our founders Alan Parsons a significant time in the history of our movement, Joe provides insight about new beginnings as we move forward as a new generation.
Rob McArthur
Today Pastor Rob taught on why we believe in dedicating our Children before God.
Philip Watt
This week Phillip Watt, an overseer in our church, speaks from the book of Job. He uses that story to illustrate our need for an arbiter to bring us into right relationship with God the Father.
Rob McArthur
This week Pastor Rob speaks about another aspect of our church's vision. What does having a passion for Jesus and his purposes on the Earth mean?
Rob McArthur
This week Pastor Rob speaks about weakness. When you acknowledge and submit your weaknesses to God, the power and strength of Christ can work through you.