The Word  

Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Joe Ewen
In his message this morning, Joe preaches from Isaiah 55 to display what God is saying and doing in this time. We are called to go out with joy because of what He is doing. We are called to be temples of the holy spirit.
Philip believe
Paul Adamson
Paul Adamson brings a word about growing into the likeness of Christ through the reading and mediation of His word and how this can significantly change us as we grow in relationship with Him.
David Clark
Do you know who you are in Christ? Do you know who or whose you are? In this weeks word from River Church Banff, David Clark brings a teaching from Ephesians 1. He reveals and reminds us of who we are through Christ, on how to protect our spiritual identity, on how God is a limitless resource and reminds us of how we are chosen and accepted by Him.
Rob McArthur
God is opening wide a door of ministry in the power of His name that will change lives. We are called to step through that door knowing that we are able not in our own strength but as the saints of God empowered by the Holy Spirit.
Stephen Finnie
In today's sermon, Stephen shares stories from his own life to build faith. From this place of increased faith, he then delves in to Acts 2 and speaks on the early church, who built their connections with each other by sharing Jesus.