The Word  

Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Rob McArthur
In today's message pastor Rob shares out of Matthews gospel where the centurion told Jesus - "Just say the word." What word is Jesus speaking over you today?
Roxanne McArthur
In todays message Roxanne shares from Psalm 91 and invites us into some of her personal journey with God.
Joe Ewen
Today Joe Ewen shares from Luke 9, where Jesus feeds the five thousand, and encourages us that it's not what you start with but what you finish with that's important.
Rob McArthur
Pastor Rob shares from Mark 10 when blind Bartimaeus encounters Jesus! How will we respond to Jesus when He asks - "What do you want Me to do for you?"
Yvonne Ewen
In this weeks message Yvonne Ewen looks at the feast of Pentecost and its roots in the Old Testament and explores its impact on the 120 gathered. She also considers its application and how relevant this is to us today.
Paul Adamson
This week Paul brings a word all about surrendering to the will of God.