The Word  

Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Joe and Yvonne Ewen
On this Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Yvonne begins by sharing what Pentecost means for believers today. She explains how the spirit invaded and made the impossible, possible. Following this, Pastor Joe shares his testimony of when he was baptised in the Holy Spirit, and encourages the congregation to get to know the Holy Spirit for themselves. Please note that for part of the sermon, there is a translation into Polish for some of the churches guests.
Rob McArthur
Pastor Rob shares from John 9 v1-12 and uses this passage to reflect on how we should see that theres a purpose beyond the problem, how we should see the opportunity and walk it out.
Sara Gilmore
In her sermon today, Sara talks on what Evangelism means. An evangelist is a bringer of good news. So if we’re going to be deliverers of good news, we should have a deep revelation of what that good news is. God gave up His best for us, so that we can be heirs. You’re not a slave but a son. And if you’re a son, then you’re an heir. Evangelism is knowing that you have a good dad and that you get to share Him. Each one of us has a place to use our royal position to step out in obedience and set someone else
Norman Hill
In his message today, Norman begins with the Parable of the Down and Out. He draws out the importance of how we process what Jesus has bequeathed to us and why our lives should go from the pit, to the rock, to new life. We are more than forgiven, because God is pleased with us.
Rob McArthur
Rob spoke from John 4 v 34 - 38 on feeding on the right food to do the will of the Father. Finding the right food, fixing your focus and looking to future fruit. The sower and reaper rejoice together and we will reap that for which we have not laboured.
Rob McArthur
In his Easter Sunday message, Pastor Rob encourages the people to be hearers and doers of the word. To listen and obey, so that Christ's work in us can be completed.