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Latest messages from River Church Banff.

Blake Hartsock
We as Jesus-followers are like a city set on a hill. We are filled with light from Jesus that the whole world needs. Through the story of Nehemiah we see how each of us is called to bring restoration to our sphere of influence through the light of God.
David Clark
The overflow of God is a great place to be. Listen how the laws of reaping and sowing and key actions can ensure you are in that place of intimacy with the Father more often.
Rob McArthur
In this weeks sermon Pastor Rob speaks to us about being a Pillar, a person who serves the vision of the local Church to see Gods Kingdom advanced locally, nationally and internationally.
Rob McArthur
Pastor Rob sets River Church Banff up for the next season by sharing vision for us as a Church family. It's a great time to be alive and an even better time to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.
Sarah Ewen
Matthew 14:22-27
Joe Ewen
Revival Conference - Moving Mountains