Paul Adamson
After having heard from the Lord, Paul shares on submission and authority. He delves into the varying aspects of both to help unearth what submission to authority looks like. To trust, accept and support.
Rob Mcarthur - River Banff
Isaiah was called, cleansed and commissioned by God to go and share His word with the people. Will we respond, like Isaiah, to God's call on our lives and say 'Here I am, send me'?
Rob McArthur
Pastor Rob teaches on the story of Peter stepping out of the boat, he reminded us that "Something is Stirring"! Will we be a people that jump into all that God has for us?
John Strachan
John exhorts the church, using the example of Mordecai from the book of Esther, to see that God works in the lives of His people; no matter where they think they are in their life. That God's plan for our lives is there to be found out and that our past does not define our future.
Joe Ewen - River Churches
Just as on the day of Pentecost the wind of the Spirit changes us, empowers us and unifies us for the purpose of sharing Christ with a lost world. Stephen Finnie, together with his wife Kirsty, is then affirmed in the role of Associate Pastor of River Church Elgin.
Sarah Ewen
In this weeks sermon, Sarah Ewen exhorts the church to take hold of their freedom in 2018. Using the story of Peter in Acts 12 and stories from her own life, Sarah stirs up courage and faith for us to all walk out in freedom.
Sarah Ewen - Women United
Speaking at our Women United supper evening Sarah encouraged everyone to break camp and move into new ground in 2018.
Rob Mcarthur - River Banff
Pastor Robert uses the story of David and Goliath to encourage us to exchange the voices saying 'As if that could ever happen' for the exciting possibilities faith brings. What if, like David, we stepped out trusting in our God...
Rob Mcarthur - River Banff
As we look forward into 2018 Pastor Robert challenges us to consider if there are things in our lives that need to be cut off to make room for all that God has for us.
Rob Mcarthur - River Banff
Joe Ewen - River Banff
David Clark - River Banff
David reminds us that life comes in seasons. This Christmas season lets go beyond the bad cracker jokes, the food and fun and embrace fully the abundant life that Jesus came to give us. He came to give us new life in abundance.