Joe Ewen
A historic moment in the life of the church as one generation hands over to the next in Elgin. Joe Ewen gives some keys for moving forward as one generation.
Robert Herber
Robert Herber from San Diego talks about how Jesus came for the sick not the healthy.
Rob & Roxanne McArthur
Pastor Rob and Roxanne celebrate and honour mothers in their Mothers Day message.
David Clark
One of our church overseers David Clark shares, using the story of David and Goliath learn how to maximise your spiritual momentum to enter into a more focused walk with Jesus that will lead to personal transformation.
Rob McArthur
Pastor Rob continues his series on Revival.
Rob McArthur
Today in Pastor Robs message, he speaks about having vision for your life, intercession and standing in place of victory, all things that help us as a people to become revived and to see revival.
Rob McArthur
Pastor Rob begins his series on Revival by reminding us that we need to revive ourselves first before we can revive the world!
Rob McArthur
Today Pastor Rob McArthur shares his passion for evangelism, or as he calls it "Boasting about our Dad". This is a now time to share the love of Jesus as we live our lives surrendered to Him.
Rob McArthur
Pastor Rob teaches from Acts 2 on the 5 main aspects of a healthy relationship between Jesus and His Church.
Paul Adamson
This week Paul Adamson gives a very practical teaching on the power of testimony and how to construct one.
David Clark
As we consider how to become a renewed wineskin there is a release of power that helps shape the next new move of God. Jump into the cycle of change God has for you.
Philip Watt
We have to get rid of everything that comes between us and Jesus. In this week’s message Philip Watt reads from John chapter 9 and reveals why we need a heart like the blind man……to have nothing to hang on to, nothing to lose, stepping into the new wine revelation of the Holy Spirit.