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T h e   F o o d   B a n k

This began in 2004 as the ‘Food Ministry’. We became increasingly aware of numerous people in our community who were living in poor conditions and struggling to pay bills and feed themselves and their families. The ministry was birthed in response to this need.

Church members have donated foods and household items on a regular basis into a basket located at the church. This is sorted and stored until an individual or family is identified as being in need.
As word about this necessary service went out into our communities and the local area, many people came to us with food. In addition to this, donations of food are received in other churches and brought to Harvest Centre for distribution. Another valued development is the involvement of Tesco, Banff, who hold regular food drives where local people give very generously to the cause.
We realise these food parcels will not solve the problems, but have found again and again over the years that practical help brings hope and encouragement because it demonstrates that others care. Due to the faithfulness of those who donate towards the Food Bank, needs are met and love is shown.