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R U S H 1 2 1

Rush121 stands for 
From Hebrews 12:1
We meet every Saturday night with the acceptation of school holidays. ?Occasionally we take trips away and have day outings but in those cases, there is always plenty of notice given. 
RUSH121 takes place at River Church Banff, in the Harvest Centre building.
What to expect?
Rush121 is a youth group aimed at secondary school aged children. We also invite P7’s to join us after the Easter holiday of their final year in primary school.
We are an all-inclusive group that encourages young people on their journey with God and motivates the next generation to run for Him. We disciple them through whatever journey they are on. 
We regularly have worship nights with speakers, but we also have themed nights and regular lock-ins.
We welcome everyone no matter who you are, whether you’re a believer or not, we want you to feel welcome and a part of our River church family